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The firm of SCHEUERMANN + HEILIG, based in Hainstadt, Germany, very successfully presented itself at MEDTEC Europe in Stuttgart. This specialised trade fair ranks amongst the largest European events in the field of medical technology. Between the 4th and 6th of April 2017, this entire industry came together to showcase new products and share information on current market trends.

  • Benjamin Kugel

It was the eleventh time that SCHEUERMANN + HEILIG (SH), the international technology leader in metal forming, presented its product portfolio, technologies and recent innovations at MEDTEC Europe.


Trend Towards Bespoke Products and Miniaturisation

Global players in medical technology, including Sanofi, Gerresheimer and Roche, are playing increasingly important roles in SH’s customer base. SH produces millions of sophisticated assemblies for the international market, including components for inhalers, insulin pens, blood glucose meters, hearing aids and dialysis equipment. And the demand for specially developed products is growing steadily. The customer-specific assemblies made by SH must satisfy very exacting requirements in respect of quality and safety to permit their daily use by patients with chronic ailments. This calls for safe, reliable solutions. In this context, SH naturally also offer clients the value-adding service of individual sterile packaging in a cleanroom.

Today the technical cleanliness of parts isn’t only important for medical technology; it also matters to customers in the electrical, electronics and automotive industries. SH have therefore installed an additional cleanroom for production and packaging and invested in testing equipment for meeting special requirements. More than anything else, the future of medical technology lies in increasing product miniaturisation. There is also a growing need for networked and digitised products for medical uses.


Plastic Syringes Produced In-House Extend SH’s Portfolio

At MEDTEC Europe, SH also displayed their enlarged in-house production capabilities, which now also extend to plastic syringes. This addition to the firm’s metal forming strengths now makes it possible to offer customers the right solutions for virtually all products. In-house production of plastic parts in Hainstadt, Germany enables efficient process chains for creating hybrid metal-and-plastic assemblies. SH can therefore offer complete solutions, thus additionally enhancing its reputation as an innovative partner to the medical technology industry.

The forming specialist is very satisfied with what it achieved by exhibiting at MEDTEC Europe: visitors responded very positively to its innovative new approaches and wide-ranging product portfolio.

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