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Individual Solutions

Perfectly Developed and Made-to-Measure

Individual Components Instead of Off-the-Rack Products

SCHEUERMANN + HEILIG have gained extensive experience with development and production projects across all industries, in many cases leading the way forward with ground-breaking technological innovations. No matter which individual components or metal and plastic assemblies you require, we don’t just develop them, but also produce them very efficiently in lean automated processes. This enables us to cost-effectively turn out flawless products that perform their intended functions with absolute precision.

From providing advice across development, product planning and toolmaking all the way to series production, we apply our extensive experience to competently manage all involved processes. As specialists for producing assemblies, stamped and bent components, and springs, we’re at home in all sectors and have partnered with a long roster of manufacturing companies. We consistently focus on finding, developing and efficiently producing exactly the right solutions to meet your needs.

Our records

60 %

The reduction in required forming forces achieved by our innovative HyPress-technology. It uses a combination of cold and hot forming within one process.

20.000 mm

The extended length of the largest component we have ever produced, a coil spring.


The maximum number of forming steps that a complex assembly is can be consecutively subjected to in our production process across 80 stations.

2 billion

The largest number of a single workpiece of the same type that our plant has produced in its history: a component for making a blood pressure monitor.


The factor by which the output of an electric drive was increased by a 48V technology supported by SCHEUERMANN + HEILIG.

>300.000 kWh

The amount of electric power that is saved at our plant each year thanks to our energy management system, for which we have received ISO 50001 certification as well as a state award for outstanding resource efficiency.

10 m/sek

The maximum cutting speed of our laser remote system. Scanner-based laser cutting ensures extremely precise results.

<70 µm

The thickness of the thinnest cutting gap that our machining centres are capable of. This makes it possible to cut workpieces to size with extreme precision.

6,3 mm

The length of the smallest stamped & and bent part we have produced to date: a component for a hearing aid involving a pin, nubs and various bends.

Integrated management systems: cost-effectiveness meets quality

The keys to maximising efficiency and the quality of products and services are lean production across all workflows and integrated production and administration systems. When it comes to series production, Performing Perfection means efficient machine designs, intelligent processes and automated assembly technologies. This is key for integrating the entire process chain. Certified quality management is also a matter of course for us as technology leaders, as it helps us guarantee consistently first-rate performance and results.


Key focuses

In our striving to consistently be an ideal technology partner, we are at your disposal throughout your project’s development cycle. This starts with planning and design, continues with building tailored tools, prototypes and master samples, and culminates in the establishment of highly efficient, fully automated processes for series production. To maximise efficiency and quality, we also continuously improve our processes. Constantly testing the limits of what is technical feasible is a matter of course for us, knowing full well that innovation is key for gaining a competitive edge.

Top performance is ensured across every phase of the development process. SCHEUERMANN + HEILIG are committed to measurable perfection – in every single product.

Industries competence