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Smart Solutions

Putting the Electronics and Electrical Industries in the Lead

Efficient production for Smart Solutions

SCHEUERMANN + HEILIG are technology leaders with decades of market experience as reliable partners to producers of state-of-the-art electrical and electronic products and innovative smart solutions. We employ lean processes to create ideal components which will work extremely precisely and exactly as intended. Our focus is on innovatively developing products for smart solutions and maximising the efficiency and quality of series production.

Talk to us about producing precisely operating components in the fields of electronics, electrical goods and consumer electronics: everything from small electrical and electronic devices to large appliances, and from assemblies for thermostats and remote-controlled doors and gates to bespoke springs for smart lighting and control systems. We apply our extensive experience and expertise to provide advice on all processes from development, product planning and toolmaking all the way to series production. Among other things, we develop intelligent electronic solutions and innovative concepts including printed electronics. Our “smart spring” technology even permits printing of electrical structures directly on to metal workpieces. These approaches and more enable us to implement smart components with integrated sensor functions for our customers.

Whether you contract us to produce assemblies, stamped and bent components, or springs for use in electronic and electrical products, we apply our industry know-how while thinking ahead to make sure you derive maximum benefits. At the end of the day, our commitment is to creating perfection for your products.




Integrated management systems: cost-effectiveness meets quality

The keys to maximising efficiency and the quality of products and services are lean production across all workflows and integrated production and administration systems. When it comes to series production, Performing Perfection means efficient machine designs, intelligent processes and automated assembly technologies. This is key for integrating the entire process chain. Certified quality management is also a matter of course for us as technology leaders, as it helps us guarantee consistently first-rate performance and results.



SCHEUERMANN + HEILIG are your experienced partners for planning and developing complex solutions and products. After designing custom-tailored assemblies and components, we proceed to prototyping and toolmaking for series production.

Integrated management systems

Our certified management systems for quality, environmental protection, energy efficiency and workplace safety ensure efficient process chains and a consistently high level of performance (in compliance with ISO 9001, IATF 16949:2016, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 50001:2011 and ISO 18001).


We can even automate the production of components with highly complex architectures. Optimal handling additionally enhances the efficiency of processes.


Integrated management systems supplement lean production in our workflow. A combination of lean processes and certified quality management maximises efficiency.

Cleanroom and clean environments

When required, we produce and package everything in environments which meet the most stringent standards of cleanliness. Manufacture and packaging under cleanroom conditions are also possible to ensure top-quality prototypes and components. We uncompromisingly ensure technical cleanliness in compliance with the strict specifications of VDA 19 as an integral part of our quality management programme.


Our production operations are in line with modern ideals of sustainability. The energy and environmental management systems we have implemented ensure resource-efficient processes.

Smart processes

We make extensive use of intelligent processes such as laser remote technologies to ensure highly precise product manufacture.

Process stability

The fully automated production processes used at SCHEUERMANN + HEILIG also run steadily and reliably at top speed when fast delivery is a must. Constant quality control is ensured in every project by continuous measurements as appropriate.

Key focuses

In our striving to consistently be an ideal technology partner, we are at your disposal throughout your project’s development cycle. This starts with planning and design, continues with building tailored tools, prototypes and master samples, and culminates in the establishment of highly efficient, fully automated processes for series production. To maximise efficiency and quality, we also continuously improve our processes. Constantly testing the limits of what is technical feasible is a matter of course for us, knowing full well that innovation is key for gaining a competitive edge.

Top performance is ensured across every phase of the development process. SCHEUERMANN + HEILIG are committed to measurable perfection – in every single product.

Industries competence