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At SCHEUERMANN + HEILIG we are leaders in forming and assembling complex components. To drive advances in this challenging field, we continually question seemingly absolute principles. We strive to push back the limits of what is feasible and give our customers a lead over the competition. The basis of our success is merging proven principles with innovative new technologies.

We are Innovation Drivers

  • Competently serving the market for 60 years
  • Collaboration with universities, institutes and other firms
  • Laser-assisted hybrid methods for forming metals with tailored tempering and remote laser cutting
  • Development of energy supply modules for fuel cell stacks
  • Use of printed electronics for smart components

As the global technology leaders in metal forming, we develop highly efficient bespoke solutions for our customers. We leverage innovative technologies and hybrid production processes to ensure your success. There is a virtually unlimited range of possibilities for combining metal and other materials. We take advantage of this fact to implement highly precise, complex assemblies: ideal solutions can be this easy. Because the result is always more than the sum of its parts. See for yourself on our product pages.

We are Technology Drivers

  • Development competence and tool technology
  • Stamping and bending
  • Spring production
  • Injection moulding
  • Automated assemble: feeding of materials and parts, shaping and cutting threads, mounting screws, welding (e.g. laser and electric resistance welding)
  • Integrated process technologies: cleaning, heat treatment, measurement and testing, handling and packaging

At SCHEUERMANN + HEILIG we are proactively involved in driving systematic change processes in society and the market with a strong focus on results. We continually improve on products and processes in the context of their everyday use to maximise their efficiency and quality. We add value without wasting anything. Welcome to the exciting world of lean production!

We drive efficiency


  • Optimised processes based on lean production
  • Seamless management system
  • Technical cleanliness and cleanroom technologies

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