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We develop solutions for demanding combinations and use state-of-the-art, high-performance, flexible production centres to create highly complex assemblies by joining metal and plastic in fully automated processes. Our customers can therefore count on excellent performance, flawless quality and fast, cost-effective production of exactly the assemblies they require. All associated steps can be fully automated, including complete inspection, magazining and packaging. Our solutions for assemblies also ensure that the right materials are used in the right places.

Metal-Plastic Combinations

Hybrid components comprising two or more different materials often deliver benefits that exceed the sum of the individual materials’ properties and applications. As specialists for combining metal and plastic, we employ two different technologies to create hybrid structures: overmoulding of metal (an injection moulding process in which a thermoplastic material is moulded over metal to form a single part), insert moulding (in which a metal insert is placed in a specially designed mould that is injected with liquid plastic) and post-moulding assembly of metal and plastic components. We employ efficient, cost-effective solutions to implement the entire process chain in leading-edge systems and production lines. This yields an unlimited spectrum of possibilities for meeting your special requirements under one roof: at SCHEUERMANN + HEILIG.

Metal-Metal Combinations

Combining different metal components to make high-quality assemblies is an important part of our work. Individually stamped + bent parts are combined to make complex metal assemblies. The steps that can be integrated at SCHEUERMANN + HEILIG include thread cutting and shaping, screw connections, riveting, clinching and a variety of welding techniques.

The SCHEUERMANN + HEILIG name is associated with an enormous portfolio of both stamped and stamped + bent components, as well as exceptional skill in using a range of technologies to produce them. We use state-of-the-art machines that are specially designed for highly precise production of demanding stamped and stamped + bent parts using fully automated processes. They include CNC production systems and multi-functional machining centres from Bihler, which stand out with their exceptional flexibility, extremely fast makeready and ability to produce a huge range of different parts. Besides innovative servo-press systems, we also use eccentric machine presses to make stamped and stamped + bent parts.


Stamped + Bent Parts

Using a combination of stamping and bending and other integrated tools, we produce both stamped and stamped + bent components for any application and requirement. Our special expertise is highly precise production of parts with complex geometries. We gain a high degree of flexibility from using modular tools such as state-of-the-art eccentric presses and automated stamping and bending machines. You can count on us to employ the best technology and efficient processes to ensure that you receive only top-quality products.


One of our focuses in this context is making housings, for example for encasing fuel pumps or electric motors. Their manufacture involves an especially sophisticated stamping and bending process. We use innovative production technologies that head and shoulders above the competition, based on our decades of experience and ongoing in-house development work. Our modular tooling lets us implement bespoke products for you in unsurpassed quality, including double-shell housings and additional integrated components (e.g. covers or magnets).

At SCHEUERMANN + HEILIG we use work hardening processes to produce springs of many types, sizes and shapes for a very wide range of uses. We supply top-quality springs and bent wire parts with dimensions between 0.1mm and 4mm, also with extremely complex geometries. Knowing full well that springs perform essential functions in all kinds of machines and systems, we strive incessantly for maximum quality in every application.

Helical Springs

Springs have a vast spectrum of applications and come in a wide variety of types and shapes. Helical springs, also known as coil springs, are among the most commonly used versions. Provided that they are precisely made, they can continue performing well for a very long time. You can rely on SCHEUERMANN + HEILIG to manufacture virtually any type of spring in top quality for any use: compression and tension springs, torsion (twisting) springs, spring-loaded rings or bent wire parts. They are used as clamps, rings, bows, brackets, clips and a host of other industrial components. Our fleet of cutting-edge machines enables us to quickly, cost-effectively and very precisely produce both prototypes and ready-to-use components in any requested volume.

Efficient workflows for bespoke solutions

Lean production is a matter of course at SCHEUERMANN + HEILIG. In practice, this means using robust, highly efficient and flexible processes to make top-quality products. We create value without wasting anything. Our customers know that we consistently live up up to our motto of Performing Perfection while taking nothing for granted: we always strive to solve problems in the most suitable, direct way.

In close cooperation with the customer, our experienced technicians develop custom-tailored solutions, whether it’s for individual components, assemblies or system solutions. Then the required tools are individually designed, specially built and seamlessly integrated for making high-precision products. This permits cost-effective, speedy manufacture of everything from discrete parts across highly complex assembles and innovative hybrid components in outstanding quality.

Highly precise, efficient series production