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SCHEUERMANN + HEILIG Make a Splash with New Developments

SH at BLECHEXPO Stuttgart 2017
SH at BLECHEXPO Stuttgart 2017
SH at BLECHEXPO Stuttgart 2017
SH at COMPAMED Düsseldorf 2017

The forming specialist exhibited at two trade fairs for the automotive and medical technology industries

  • Benjamin Kugel

The firm of SCHEUERMANN + HEILIG based in the Hainstadt borough of Buchen, Germany, which has specialised in metal and plastic forming, took part in two international industry events in November: BLECHEXPO, a trade fair that mainly focuses on the automotive sector, and COMPAMED, which is devoted to medical technology.

BLECHEXPO took place in Stuttgart, Germany between the 7th and 10th of November. It is the world’s second-largest trade fair for sheet metal working and processing and a major forum for the entire spectrum of firms active in this field. This time more than 1,300 exhibitors, including all large market leaders, attracted trade visitors from around the globe.

SCHEUERMANN + HEILIG (SH) showcased their entire product portfolio, including stamped and stamped + bent parts, springs and assemblies made of metal and plastic, as well as innovations developed in-house.


Innovative Ideas for the Automotive Industry

SH draw upon current and future industry themes, ideas and trends for developing and implementing trailblazing new products. Amongst other things, the firm presented an innovative project which it conducted for electric vehicles. Recent trends such as electric and hybrid drive technologies are confronting component producers with new challenges. An international automotive supplier, itself one of the leading specialists for bespoke high-voltage solutions, turned to SH’s experts with an idea for a completely new high-voltage connector. This collaboration led to the development of four components for installation in a latest-generation clutch system. Hybrid process technologies are also playing an increasingly important role at SH, and these highly sophisticated products – two stamped + bent components, an assembly and a plastic part – are now being efficiently manufactured in fully automated processes that include joining metal and plastic parts.

The news that SH have expanded their technical competencies in metal forming to include in-house plastic production has sparked great interest across industries. The firm’s product portfolio has included hybrid assemblies which integrate both metal and plastic parts for many years. In-house implementation of a complete process chain for metal forming in conjunction with plastics was therefore the logical next step in establishing SH as a complete solutions provider.


Large Portfolio for Medical Technology

A week after BLECHEXPO, SH participated in COMPAMED, which took place in Düsseldorf parallel to MEDICA 2017, the world’s largest trade fair for the medical industry. It featured makers of components, precursor products and raw materials for medical products, including a wide variety of high-tech solutions for use in medical technology.

SH also took advantage of this platform to acquaint trade visitors with their product portfolio. The firm has been supplying customised products to major global players in the field of medical technology for more than ten years. Millions of assemblies, stamped + bent parts and springs from SH are used in a wide range of products such as blood glucose meters, insulin pens, inhalers and hearing aids. The latest additions include a safety product: a protective cap for disposable syringes. The firm has also worked with another customer to develop two products for an epinephrine auto-injector for treating anaphylaxis, the annual demand for which exceeds 10 million units. This auto-injector is a life-saving companion for individuals with severe allergies. The activation mechanism, which contains both of the components produced by SH, performs a crucial life-saving function.

SH accepts the challenge of providing customers with suitable components and processes for their extremely demanding applications. 100% of safety-relevant products for meeting highly sensitive requirements are monitored and checked throughout production. SH integrate a wide diversity of forming technologies and various product post-treatments in a highly automated manufacturing process, which naturally also includes individual packaging under sterile conditions in a cleanroom. Customised product testing, also for microbiological contamination, is standard. All this ensures that SH’s customers receive optimal products which meet extremely exacting expectations.

By exhibiting at BLECHEXPO and COMPAMED, the Hainburg, Germany-based company attracted considerable attention to its product portfolio and expertise. SH also succeeded in reinforcing its reputation as a major innovation driver in international markets.

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